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Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, The Apocalypse and Post Apocalypse anything surrounding these topics and I am all over that. Unfortunately I am also dyslexic and have a hard time with reading and writing. I overcome this by continuing to read and write. I hope that you find this blog well written and easy to follow.

Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier by: Alinka Rutkowska

I recently received a review copy of this book for free however in saying that my receiving this book free has in no way altered my opinion of the book. I read this to my little girl who is 5 and is just starting school. She loves learning about the world and all it has to offer. This book gave her a sense of adventure she wanted to join in and loved the brightness of the pictures. She event started making up her own story to the pictures which was very similar to the story in the book because of how wonderful those illustrations were done. Great Job to all involved in this story. As a parent I loved the little quiz at the end and extra facts that were given

The Netflix of Books

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